Get a Perfect 170 Score for GRE Math -Coordinate Geometry
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Get a Perfect 170 Score for GRE Math -Coordinate Geometry

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Fundamentals and advanced methods a successful test taker needs to solve any GRE Coordinate Geometry & Functions Problem

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Detailed answer explanations for every GRE Official material practice questions.

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Basic algebraic notation

You should be comfortable with basic algebraic operations and simple equation solving.

Being successful in the GRE exam is not that difficult as you imagine. But you have to start with understanding the fundamentals and mastering them.

Hi, i am Delbin Markose .In this course, I will be walking you through all the math concepts related to coordinate Geometry, functions & Quadratic functions. You can expect at least 4 questions from these topics & that is 10% of the total 40 math questions in GRE.


This course is specially designed for test-takers who want to start right from the bning, those students planning to take GRE for the first & those students who are looking to improve their previous GRE score.

Anyone from the bner to advanced level can take this course so that you won't miss any of the questions from these topics. It's not that difficult to score a perfect 170 in GRE math. All you have to know is, what are the concepts tested in the GRE exam and how the questions are framed for the exam.


I have designed this course in three major sections so that it will be easy for you to navigate through the concepts. In the first section of the course, we will be discussing the theory part, for example, in the first lecture will be discussing the introduction to coordinate geometry, and in the second chapter distance between 2 points. There are 12chapters in coordinate geometry. These are the 12 lectures.

· Introduction to Coordinate Geometry

· Distance between Two points.

· Midpoint of a Line Snt.

· Slope of a Straight Line.

· Properties of Parallel & Perpendicular Lines.

· Equation of a Straight Line.

· Two Special types of lines for the GRE Exam.

· Linear Inequality.

· Circle.

· Reflection of a point over X axis, Y axis, Y=X line, & Y=-X line.

· Functions.

· Quadratic Functions.

Once we have covered the entire topics in the first section, we will move on to the second section - formula sheet which includes all the formulas required for the test.

The third section will help you in testing your knowledge with 33 questions of different difficulty levels. Once we have done this, we'll move on to solving all the official material questions for the GRE Why official material Questions

The best thing you can do when it comes to GRE preparation is to use practice materials that closely mimic the real GRE. The best materials will be those official materials from ETS itself because they are the ones who make the test and their materials are pretty much like the real thing!

. After the official material questions, we will solve advanced-level questions.

Once you are done with the entire course for the exam, all you have to do for the post-class preparation is to revise the formula sheet and all official GRE questions and advanced level questions.

After the completion of our course, I can confidently say that u will not miss any questions from the coordinate geometry chapter.

If you are looking to get a perfect 170 in GRE math this is where you want to start, and I hope you will join me.

Students who are planning to crack GRE at the first .

Students who are looking at raising their GRE score.

Students who wish to adopt a structured GRE Study plan


Get a Perfect 170 Score for GRE Math -Coordinate Geometry

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