Become an Expert in Desk Fitness
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Many of us are working at a desk or in an office, unaware of the negative health consequences that may arise as a result.

Become an Expert in Desk Fitness

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Introduction to the Basics of Office Ergonomics and Workplace Health

Gain a basic understanding of the science behind ergonomics and why it is important

Learn about what really causes pain and how this influences management

Learn simple and effective work habits and office set up techniques

Learn a range of desk-based exercises

Implement the above to decrease pain, increase productivity and decrease all-cause mortality

No medical, fitness or ergonomic knowledge required

Sedentary work is known to contribute to musculoskeletal pain (back pain, neck and shoulder soreness, hand and wrist issues), increased all-cause mortality (decreased life span) and mental health disorders, as well as decreased productivity. When it comes to our health, knowledge truly is power, and having a basic understanding of ergonomic principles can help us combat some of these negative outcomes.

In this course, physiotherapist Sam Gilbert and osteopath Max Hopes cover the fundamentals of office ergonomics, what it is (and what it isn't), why it's important and what ergonomic interventions are aiming to achieve. We cover the basics around pain science, as well as discussing common areas of work-related pain and injury.

We provide practical, easy-implemented advice including desk set up, equipment use and healthy working habits, as well as outline a series of basic desk-based exercises, or "movement snacks" as we like to call them, designed to optimise posture and build resilience and robustness.

This course is designed to be consumed in bite-sized chunks, one clip (between 90 seconds and 5 minutes) per day for 60 days, however many of our course participants find that they benefit from going through the full course in one hit.

The information in this course is vital for anyone working at a desk or in an office environment, and will be of particular use to those who are already experiencing work-related pain.

This course is for anyone working at a desk or in an office, who wants to optimise their health and wellbeing


Become an Expert in Desk Fitness

14 Days Free Access to USENET
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