Video Editing with Premiere Pro - from Beginner to YouTuber
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In this class, you'll learn everything you need to get started with Adobe Prre Pro, and how to edit like a YouTuber.

Video Editing with Premiere Pro - from Beginner to YouTuber

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What you'll learn

Video editing in Prre Pro


Have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud / have an active Creative Cloud subscription


We'll work together to create a YouTube-style video following a 3-part workflow.

Footage review - We lay our footage out into a line to allow us to analyze and see what potential ways we can construct our video. And we'll learn a tonne of keyboard shortcuts on the way to make the process as efficient as possible.

Final composition - With both a-roll and b-roll loosely clipped and laid out in front of us, we make a plan to create a compelling and engaging video that will do well on YouTube.

Cherry on top - We'll add background music to sound more pro, video and audio effects & colour grading to make our video complete!

If you're a complete bner to Prre Pro, we'll ease you in with the basic fundamentals before getting fancy with effects and keyframe animations.

Turn your creative ideas into amazing videos with Adobe Prre Pro. A professional video editor that doesn't limit your creative choices.

Fast Results

You are here to start editing and that's what we'll make you do! We've down-scaled the theory lessons to a fundamental basis, to give more to the creative tasks.

Class Objective

You'll learn a solid basis of Prre Pro which allows you to do the following:

Organizing and starting a Prre Pro project

Perform basic edits, arrag clips and working in multiple layers

Perform advanced edits using the toolbox, masks and blending techniques

Applying and adjusting video/audio effects

Create custom graphics and texts

Making custom templates and using third party templates

Create custom animations and understand its mechanics

Mixing audio from speech, music and sound effects

Exporting a video with the proper settings

Who this course is for:

Bner video editors




Video Editing with Premiere Pro - from Beginner to YouTuber

14 Days Free Access to USENET
Free 300 GB with full DSL-Broadband Speed!

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