Driving Stability Systems Bosch Technical Instruction
Robert Bosch, "Driving Stability Systems: Bosch Technical Instruction"
English | ISBN 10: 0837613515 | 2005 | PDF | 100 pages | 3.2 MB
The familiar yellow Technical Instruction series from Bosch have long proved one of their most popular instructional aids. The "Bosch Yellow Jackets" provide a clear and concise overview of the theory of operation, component design, model variations, and technical terminology for the entire Bosch product line, and give a solid foundation for better diagnostics and servicing.

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Bosch (Perfect Squares)
Bosch (Perfect Squares) by Grange Books
English | July 1, 2005 | ISBN: 184013657X | 80 pages | EPUB | 3.59 Mb
In 1951, Wilhelm Fränger's tome, The Millennium of Hieronymus Bosch: Outlines of a New Interpretation, was translated into English. The book created a sensation, both on the scholarly and the popular levels. An article on the book accompanied by color illustrations in Life Magazine probably did more than anything else to popularize Bosch, because there had been little or nothing of the sort published on him at the time. Fränger's interpretation that Bosch did his major altarpieces not for orthodox religious purposes, but for use by quasi-religious cults was being promoted as a turning-point in the understanding of this enigmatic artist.

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Forbes Aird - Bosch Fuel injection systems
2001 | ISBN: 1557883653 | English | 138 pages | PDF | 83 MB
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