Why Athens A Reappraisal of Tragic Politics
D. M. Carter, "Why Athens?: A Reappraisal of Tragic Politics"
English | ISBN: 0199562326 | 2011 | 496 pages | PDF | 4 MB
This collection of fourteen essays and six short responses reconsiders Greek tragedy as a reflection of Athenian political culture. The contributors try to avoid making the controversial assumption that the politics of tragedy were of simple relevance to the Athenian democracy. Instead, they look for other ways to explain the Athenianness of tragedy. These include: the polyphonic discourse of tragedy; the presentation of Athens in some plays (and the representation of foreigners too); tragedy as an Athenian form of choral performance; and the ways in which family matters are presented, for example marriage alliances or inheritance law. Why Athens? opens up important new ways of considering tragedy as a political art form.

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Lonely Planet Pocket Athens
Lonely Planet Pocket Athens by Lonely Planet
English | February 1, 2019 | ISBN: 1786572907 | 192 pages | Rar (PDF, AZW3) | 20 Mb
Lonely Planet: The world''s number one travel guide publisher*

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92 Acharnon Street A Year in Athens
John Lucas, "92 Acharnon Street: A Year in Athens"
English | ISBN: 0955010535 | 2009 | 219 pages | MOBI | 5 MB
Greece has always had its admirers, though none seems to have cherished the Athenian tavernas, the murderous traffic and the jaded prostitutes, the petty bureaucratic tyrannies, the street noise and the heroic individualists with the irony and detachment of John Lucas. Lucas' love for the realities of Greece finally banishes the banality of a half-century of tourism in this collection of memoirs and stories.

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Timon of Athens
Timon of Athens By William Shakespeare, Thomas Middleton, John Jowett
2004 | 381 Pages | ISBN: 0198129386 | PDF | 3 MB
Timon of Athens is a bitterly intriguing study of a fabulously rich man who wastes his wealth on his friends, and, when he is finally impoverished, learns to despise humanity with a hatred that drives him to his grave. This edition offers an up-to-date commentary on the play that is more detailed and more thorough than any previously published, as well as a detailed discussion of Thomas Middleton's collaboration with Shakespeare.

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Reproducing Athens Menander's Comedy, Democratic Culture, and the Hellenistic City Reproducing Athens: Menander's Comedy, Democratic Culture, and the Hellenistic City by Susan Lape English | December 14, 2003 | ISBN: 0691115834 | EPUB | 320 pages | 3.9 MB Reproducing Athens examines the role of romantic comedy, particularly the plays of Menander, in defending democratic culture and transnational polis culture against various threats during the initial and most fraught period of the Hellenistic Era.
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The Athens of West Africa A History of International Education at Fourah Bay College, Freetown, S...
The Athens of West Africa: A History of International Education at Fourah Bay College, Freetown, Sierra Leone By Daniel J. Paracka Jr.
2003 | 333 Pages | ISBN: 0415947952 | PDF | 4 MB
This book is about Fourah Bay College (FBC) and its role as an institution of higher learning in both its African and international context. The study traces the College's development through periods of missionary education (1816-1876), colonial education (1876-1938), and development education (1938-2001).

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Theatre Props and Civic Identity in Athens, 458-405 BC
Theatre Props and Civic Identity in Athens, 458-405 BC by Rosie Wyles
2020 | ISBN: 1350143979, 1350186473 | English | 280 pages | PDF | 3 MB

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Plagues, Pandemics and Viruses From the Plague of Athens to Covid 19
Plagues, Pandemics and Viruses: From the Plague of Athens to Covid 19 by Heather E. Quinlan
English | November 1st, 2020 | ISBN: 9781578597369 | 416 pages | EPUB | 97.02 MB

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New Aspects of Religion in Ancient Athens: Honors, Authorities, Esthetics, and Society (Religions in the Graeco-Roman World, Book 183) by Jon Mikalson
English | 2016 | ISBN: 9004319182 | 348 pages | PDF | 1,7 MB
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Athens Voice - 16 April 2015
Greek | 56 pages | PDF | 20.01 Mb


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