Market Dominance and Antitrust Policy
Market Dominance and Antitrust Policy By M. A. Utton
2003 | 342 Pages | ISBN: 1840647280 | PDF | 3 MB
Market dominance - encompassing single firm dominance, overt and tacit collusion, mergers and vertical restraints - raises many complex analytical and policy issues, all of which continue to be the subject of theoretical research and policy reform. This second edition of a popular and comprehensive text extends the arguments and combines an analysis of the issues with a discussion of actual policy and case studies. This new edition addresses the recent fundamental changes in antitrust law, especially in the UK and the EU, and reviews some high profile and controversial cases such as the Boeing-McDonnell Douglas merger and the Microsoft monopoly. The author moves on to deal with several unresolved questions including the conflicts between trade and antitrust policy, the foreign take-over of domestic assets and extra-territorial claims made by certain countries. Market Dominance and Antitrust Policy will be of considerable value to students and scholars of economics, law and business, as well as researchers, policymakers and practitioners with an interest in competition policy and international trade.

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Liability for Antitrust Law Infringements & Protection of IP Rights in Distribution
Pranvera Këllezi, Bruce Kilpatrick, Pierre Kobel, "Liability for Antitrust Law Infringements & Protection of IP Rights in Distribution"
English | 2019 | ISBN: 3030175499 | PDF | pages: 573 | 6.5 mb
This book gathers international and national reports from across the globe on key questions in the field of antitrust and intellectual property.

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Roger D. Blair, D. Daniel Sokol, "The Oxford Handbook of International Antitrust Economics, Volume 1"
English | 2014 | ISBN: 0199859191 | PDF | pages: 633 | 4.6 mb
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Compatibility of Transactional Resolutions of Antitrust Proceedings with Due Process and Fundamental Rights & Online Exhaustion of IP Rights
Springer | Law | July 10, 2016 | ISBN-10: 3319271571 | 679 pages | pdf | 6.38 mb

Editors: Kilpatrick, Bruce, Kobel, Pierre, Këllezi, Pranvera (Eds.)
Provides an analysis of two "hot topics" in the field of antitrust and unfair competition law
Includes resolutions passed by the General Assembly of the LIDC following a discussion on each of these topics
Including proposed solutions and recommendations
Identifies general trends and highlights the differences between and most interesting features of national regulations in the relevant fields
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