VovSoft Read Mode 2.3
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"Vovsoft Read Mode" is a reading mode application for your PC.

VovSoft Read Mode 2.3

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You can make blog posts, articles and webpages clean and easy to read. Paste them into Read Mode for reading. You can configure the software with 3 options: Light, Dark and Sephia. You can also print or "read aloud" the text. You can display the document in full-screen or windowed mode, Read Mode adjusts it according to the screen size. The software makes long chunks of text easier to read. All you need to do is copy and paste any text into the Read Mode software.
The application is designed to help you read small or large text pieces in a window that combines colors in such a way that your eyes will not be affected by the powerful blue light of a computer screen. That is why Vovsoft Read Mode comes with three different themes, namely dark, light and sepia. The dark theme is the default one, displaying dark background and white text color, a combination that is suitable for night reading sessions or a dark or dim room. The light theme can be used during day, while the sepia mode diminishes the window brightness so that you can read easier during early morning or sunset.
What is reading mode
The internet is full of fancy videos, images, colors and fonts that can distract reading the text. Reading mode is a term for stripping web pages down to the bare minimum to make them easier to read.




VovSoft Read Mode 2.3

14 Days Free Access to USENET
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