Weaving Backstory Into Your Novel
Weaving Backstory Into Your Novel by R.C. Matthews
English | ISBN: 1732008280 | 312 pages | EPUB | December 21, 2018 | 0.53 Mb
Backstory is the backbone to every great novel, but if you add too much or the timing if off, you risk killing the pace of your story! This how-to guide shows simple and effective techniques to incorporate your characters' pasts into their present storyline in a way that'll keep your readers turning the pages. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, there are no quick fixes or workarounds when it comes to weaving backstory into your novel. Roll up your sleeves and pull out your highlighter as we cover: ~ What is backstory?~ When should backstory be incorporated―and when is it the kiss of death?~ Common methods for revealing backstory.~ Tips and hints to elevate your storytelling.~ More than 40 examples to help you really grasp the concepts.~ And a practical example for an entire book from start to finish.Your novel is like an iceberg. Everything above the water's surface is the current storyline and everything hidden beneath the surface of the water is backstory. Don't let your iceberg flip over. Weaving Backstory Into Your Novel isn't difficult when you've assembled the right tools in your tool belt!

Weaving Backstory Into Your Novel

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Weaving Backstory Into Your Novel

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