The Second Sign by Ernest Dempsey

The Second Sign by Ernest Dempsey
epub | 452.88 KB | English | Isbn:B088T3HTQZ |
Author: Ernest Dempsey | PAge: 422 | Year: 2020

The Second Sign by Ernest Dempsey

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For millennia, stories of God's greatest prophets have inspired Christians across the world, urging them toward the kind of faith that compelled these celebrated sages of old.
But one modern madman wants that power for himself, to conquer a world he views as filled with unrepentant sinners as he ushers in a new age of religious rule.
To get it, he threatens to kill a handful of select religious leaders until the experts at the International Archaeology Association find what he wants: a fabled ancient relic that he believes helped the prophets perform some of their greatest miracles.
Sean Wyatt and Tommy Schultz along with their team at the IAA, however, have no intention of allowing that kind of power to fall into the fanatic's hands. They've faced down their share of power-hungry maniacs before, but with this bloodthirsty lunatic Sean and his best friend, Tommy Schultz, know they're up against the toughest odds of their lives.
USA Today best-selling author Ernest Dempsey returns with the latest electrifying installment in his beloved Sean Wyatt series. A tale of belief and its power, The Second Sign is Dempsey's most powerful saga yet.

Category:Financial Thrillers, Historical Thrillers, Financial Thrillers

The Second Sign by Ernest Dempsey

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