Roadwalkers by Shirley Ann Grau
epub | 1.47 MB | English | Author :Shirley Ann Grau | 2012 | Open Road Media


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Book Description :

Grau's remarkable story of a black mother and daughter struggling to find their own paths through the tumult of the Great Depression and the civil rights movement
There are few circumstances worse than being an orphaned, homeless, African American child in the South during the Great Depression. When Mary Woods found herself in that treacherous situation, she quickly learned she needed to count on what family she could find in order to survive. When she gro up to become a successful artist and has a daughter of her own, Nanda, she's determined to hold her child close. But when Nanda is accepted into an elite school on the East Coast, Mary finds she can't keep some of the world's cruel realities at bay forever.
Told from the perspective of both mother and daughter, Roadwalkers is the story of a special bond forged by savage history, and a tale of extraordinary loyalty and sacrifice.
This ebook features an illustrated biography of Shirley Ann Grau, including rare photos...

Category : | African American Historical Fiction, Add Narration for $3.99 or Less, Historical African Fiction

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