The Errant King
The Errant King by Wayne Thomas Batson
epub | 1.17 MB | English | Author :Wayne Batson, Laura Johnson | 978-0899578781 | 2011 | Spearhead Books

The Errant King

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Book Description :

Like a long night's slumber disturbed by disquieting dreams, twenty years have passed since Morlan Stormgarden's exile. The realm of Myriad waits in uncertain peace, for The Gray Hour Massacres remain unsolved. Tempted by the lure of adventure, High King Lochlan Stormgarden begins to ponder his royal destiny. A daring plan is hatched, the High King's throne is left vacant, and Lochlan meets Ariana Kurtz who might be the love of his life if she doesn't kill him first.
Meanwhile, Alastair and Telwyn Coldhollow set out to hunt Cythraul, the seemingly immortal assassin who vowed to murder everyone Alastair had ever loved. Many paths will cross, a hellish creature will awaken in the Hinterlands, and the fate of Myriad will be decided in one Bloody Red Night. **

Category : | Teen & Young Adult Christian Fantasy, Christian Fantasy, Social Services & Welfare

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The Errant King

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